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.: Triffle in The Making :. September 30, 2007

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Today we ‘re having our yearly majlis berbuka puasa at annette’s house. As usual every family will bring a dish-Potluck. As azaham’s family, we’ll bring Mix Fruit Triffle. I already bought all the ingredients last week. (Mix Fruit Cocktail/ Peaches in Can / Custard Powder / Creme -topping).

Last night hubby & i went to Sg Wang. We bought the Swiss Roll Cake since that was the last thing i needed. “Is this all u need?” .”Yup. Remember we bought all the things last week..”as usual i always confident.
After sent mama to mak/ayah’s house, i was excited to make the triffle. HUH…damn i forgot to buy evaporated creamer…huhuhu

“Erk abg…kedai jom”stupid question at 12midnight.”Why??”with big smile. Arghhhh he knew as always i forgot something.”hahahhaha, i’ve told u alyn. i’ve told u”
We over slept this morning. Missed sahur-routine every saturday.I dont know why. He bought me evaporated creamer before goes to work.

Thank you love! This the Mix Fruit Triffle that i made.

1st layer – Swiss Roll Cake , 2nd Layer -Mix Fruit Cocktail

Custard 3rd Layer – Custard

Tada..!!! Mix Fruit Triffle


3 Responses to “.: Triffle in The Making :.”

  1. annaster Says:

    Nyum Nyum.. nak resepi.. ley wat kat umah.. huh

  2. tetikus Says:

    wah nmpk sedap.. sedap ker?? nk gak rasa.. hihi!!

  3. Fozalin Says:

    ha nnt alyn wat open house dont forget to cook cook tis triffle tau…..

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