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.: Break Fast @Kunang Kunang :. October 1, 2007

Filed under: Aimians,Berbuka Puasa — msmaylyn @ 12:39 pm

Last nite we went to kunang kunang for berbuka puasa. Organised by Bullet & Hubby for Aimians.

Hubby smsed all aimians in his contact list about the berbuka puasa event. RSVP before Sept 23 the sms said. But as usual no one have intentions to reply or what so ever. So hubby make rsvp for 20paxs since late replies and some bullet made them to say yes (i guessed). Looking the confirmed list, i would say i dont to go. Since a few from my batch (Hubby, me, yana -yup only 3 of us).

But being a good wife..i followed my hubby. Huh!! From in parent in law’s house, we went back to change (since i didnt bring any extra clothes coz i was planned not going). Around 630pm headed to Kunang kunang, syamin called and asked us to meet him at Balai Polis Gombak. He’s from Penang so not familiar with the route.

Luckily Timmy (she also having berbuka puasa there) called and we asked she to take the booking number for us. TQ dear. A few arrived. Till 710pm only 14 of us. erk??? Where’s the others?

No show/turned up.. huh hubby said “there i told u so”

To the “No show/turned up” : Pls a least inform if you re not coming.

Kunang kunang itselft , i really disappointed with the food. Tasteless not variety at all. The rice was raw, yuckkkkk…

why oh why… ?????

ps: picas will upload later…

till again..


2 Responses to “.: Break Fast @Kunang Kunang :.”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    owh sorry dear i tot x yah inpom kalo x mo g….

  2. maylyn Says:

    to fozalin : no no those yg dh confirm but didnt come…u ok 🙂

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