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.: Not even second best :. October 9, 2007

Filed under: Family,Me — msmaylyn @ 11:47 pm

Me not even second best. Always be compared to my cousins since small. huh! Im sick and tired. The way i dressed, the way i this, the way i that…

I have my own life now. Priority to my family. I do not have maid so i have to manage my own house work (laundry, cleaning, cooking, washing etc) not like THEM. On weekends are the only time doing these.

What i do is always not enough. I came late to Kenduris, parties because i trying to be fair. Why? Hubby have to attend his classes pn matter to them…Why oh why? I cant decide for myself.

I cant smile anymore…the pain is killing me. Hurt me so much. The tears getting frequently now.I need to move on. My life must goes on. Its doesnt matter now wheather im tha family’s favorite or not. I love my husband. I love my life now. I want to share the rest my life with him. I always his favorite. That’s enough already for me. Enough for me…

Thank You dear for always be there for me. May Allah bless us. May Allah bless the relationship.

ps: B..we like each other eh?? 🙂


3 Responses to “.: Not even second best :.”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    Ngape ngan kome nih? Sabaq noo dh nak raye nih….

  2. annaster Says:

    Babe, Just be yourself. Its hard to please everyone but what matter’s most is to please yourself first..
    Hye, its your life now. No one can change that except YOU!!
    Muahahah.. Just smile k babe!!


  3. Tetikus Says:

    ekau pedulikan je. bukan derang tau menda pon… kan janet kan kan kan..

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