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.: What i got for my birthday :. October 22, 2007

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Kakza & family sent my a small bouquet and a pink hippo. She said all these nana’s idea (her daughter – my favourite niece). Thank You guys. Didi & mama uda gave me a black clutch purse. I like this also since i already thinking to buy one actually.Mama bought me a Tissot Watch. Yes! huhuhu 2 watches a year. She said she bought it because mine always fancy & colourful. She said wear it when i go to interviews…mmmmm time to change workplace. Hubby gave me a Baby G watch ( in my previous entry).
well i received a lot of smses wished me happy birthday. Thank You Guys…The thought is important right????But i still want the birthday present(s). Hahahhahah

Huh…I really happy happy happy….huhuhuhuhu

ps: Timmy..ermmm still planning something??? hahahahhah


2 Responses to “.: What i got for my birthday :.”

  1. annaster Says:

    Hehehe.. did i plan something for u..?
    No la.. mana ada.. huhuh..
    Hopefully this year will be the best year of birthday celebrations for you..

  2. annaster Says:

    Dah cukup ke present tu??
    Need ones more???

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