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.: BIRTHDAY BASH !!!!! :. October 30, 2007

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Wahhhh i would never expected this actually. Knowing hubby..heheheh never!!!! But he made a surprise. A Birthday Party for me. Ahhahahaha. Yes i like it. Its been a while since Along passed away there’s only a dinner for mama, hubby, and i.

But he made it. He proved it! He not that boring after all…hahahah sorry eh abang! But of course he not alone planning the party. There was Timmy and Nizam helping him with the plannin. Thank You guys!!!

Ajip and Aida also joined the party made the party more merrier. Even Krail not in the mood because toothache but he seems enjoyed the party also. Hubby and nizam took so many picas (ermmm sumer leh pakai ke??? :)) .

ME??? of course i was the happiest girl in the world. Thank you so much guys…hahhah sangat sangat TQ. The Dinner, the cake, the kugiran, the pink heart shape cushion(i love it!!), the movie and huhuuhu all of you!

The Place : TGI Friday, The Curve

Timmy , Nizam , Krail bz checked out the new gadget…

Starter : Buffalo Wings

Main Course : Chicken with pasta ( forgot the name)

Dessert : Cookies & Ice Cream

The cake : Baskin Robbins’s Ice Cream Cake , Oreo® Cookies ‘n Cream

The cake…pls ignored both of them…but they sang for me tau

Ajip Aida Atan Alyn Krail Timmy & behind scene Nizam

ps:Next is Timmy…huhuhu berdebar ah tuh (“,)


4 Responses to “.: BIRTHDAY BASH !!!!! :.”

  1. annaster Says:

    Ceh.. ada plak berdebar.. huhuh…

  2. maylyn Says:

    hahahah saje jek actually i ada plan something! but….hahahha sengaja nk kasik u berdebar (‘,’)

  3. Fozalin Says:

    ish how come ha ajaham rajin beli sumthing tuk u… time bercinte ngan i dul x penah pun die bg anything…. ekekeke larikkkkkkkk

  4. maylyn Says:

    to fozalin : erk….dulu dia student…mana la ada duit hahahahha skrg nihhh kebajikan wifey kena jaga…(“,)

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