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.: Finally…. :. October 30, 2007

Filed under: Family,Gadget,Hubby,Me — msmaylyn @ 2:23 pm

Huhuhuhuu last friday hubby called me to confirm the color that i wanted for psp. At first i wanted lite pink. Then the seller said no pink for the slim one. FINE i changed to Champagne Gold. But when hubby went that shop, once again he said no champagne gold for the slim one. HUH. He made me chose wheather Lavender, Ice Blue, White or Black. Actually there was a Rose Pink for Slim PSP at another shop which hubby said the seller was “Penipu!!!”.

Ok black then. hehehehe later that night he showed me the psp.hahahh bought it already. While Hairul, Nini & i lepaking at KLCC.

Good deal and worth buying (heheheh ye ke???)

ps: erk timi..Rose pink laaaa huhuhuhu or ipod???? mmmmm fikir fikir….


3 Responses to “.: Finally…. :.”

  1. annaster Says:

    Ipod i nak kaler itam la..
    Itam looks damn sexy.. just like your PSP..

  2. Fozalin Says:

    PSP pergh….. seb baik akak bukan kaki games huhuh

  3. maylyn Says:

    to fozalin : besh nih kak ada wifi…nnt u gik marche leh main internet..(if sana ada wifi la) (“,)heheheh

    To annaster : heheheh i dh tgk pink tuh lawa gak but every girlish laa nnt krail mcm xnk jek huhuuhu

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