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++ 1st Raya with HIM ++ November 6, 2007

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Huh…nothing much to tell. Raya eve at annette’s house-yearly event. We made ketupats, rendangs, kuah kacang, chicken ..i dunno the menu and some dishes for berbuka puasa later on. Since hubby still working, i went alone that morning and helped all the aunties, uncles, cousins.

Later, picked up hubby at Komuter Station. We had our last buka puasa at annette’s house. Solat Isya’ together and also tahlil. After supper, we headed to Kepong (Parent in law’s house).

All hubby’s siblings were there except Kak wa’s family in Kuantan. “Beramah Mesra” then by midnight Tok Mat’s house began to empty. We went back to our house since 1st raya this year this my turn.
I forgot to take hubby’s sampeng. We had to change our plan. hahahahha Hubby should be wearing purple baju melayu since my was purple but i mistake then he wore our baju melayu sanding in lite blue.. Kira oklaaa kan….
Raya!!! Hubby went for raya prayer at mosque nearby while i got ready. After that we headed to mak’s house. Mama as default will be at her elders sister house. Bersalam salaman. Makan. Riang Ria Hari Raya.

Later that evening, we wanted to raya ayah’s house.huh he was not at home. Then we went Wan’s house(ayah’s parent) . Spend not more than 1 hour. We off to hubby’s side families.

We managed to raya at Along’s House, Pok Teh & Acik. Huh seriously…i cant take it any more. huhuhuuh PENAT TAHAP DEWA DEWI….Went back to kepong…
End of my 1st raya with hubby…

All of us

Me with hubby and mama

ps: I have a nice to remember raya with hubby…

One Response to “++ 1st Raya with HIM ++”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    selamat hari raye……….

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