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.: Flat Tyre :. November 29, 2007

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Last week was really busy for me. System reviews with users, documentations, screen shots….etc etc huhuhuh tiring!

On the way to JKKP’s office near Presint 1, i ran over a stone or whatsoever. suddenly…a loud noise like a bomb. HUH!!!!! My back left tyre blown!

Atol and Me really calmed like there was nothing.hahahah non of us coudl change the tyre.. She asked me to call En M..i did…he asked us to stay there(as if we like to walk to JKKP’s office (^^;).

We waited almost 20minutes..then came a white kancil with 3 guys in it.

Guy 1: Nape kak?
Me: Eh atol..nak i gik sana ke?
Atol : smile…(she always smile..)
Guy 1: Meh la sinih…asal?
Me: Erk, tayar pancit..
Guy 2: Tak tahu nak tukar ke?
Guy 2: Tolong wei tolong…sian dorang..

hahahhahahah….Thank God…En M still on the way…

They did all the messy stuff…hahahha even En M was there, he only monitored.
There’s afew picas i managed to snap.

Thank you Guys…

ps: My hubby came later in the afternoon to buy the new tyre…TQ Abg..
Best bangat kamu!


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