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.: Weddings on 17 november :. November 29, 2007

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Past 2 weeks back, i managed to attend 3 wedding. 2 on 17 november and the other one last week 24 november.

17 november 2007 : Saturday

We woke up late ang then gone to Laili’s wedding (Pak Lang’ Daughter). Hubby’s cousin sister. Nothing much to help pnn..huhuu dh dtg lambat nk cover line lak..

Later that afternoon, hubby and i went to My Best Friend’s Wedding—> Alin & Alan. After a long time planning…alhamdullilah finally. Since i came late ,ila already went to other wedding. I do hope can catch up with her sometime soon. Huh.. Noni the bridesmaid…Four of us like so very best friends!!!! i love you guysss…

I waited till the end of the kenduri.

Ps : See Alin & Alan picas in my photo album.

After then we went back to Pak Lang’s. HUbby was so busy taking picas that day. Alhamdullilah the picas turned good (Abg, im not saying you no good!! :p).

Ps : Hubby still worked on the picas (editing and stuffs) so i will upload later k!!!


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