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.: I did it :. January 3, 2008

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Mariam who’s introduced me to this 7 Wonders II pc game last week. Huhuhuhu. Every night I played the game till late night. Huh the game is based the old 7 Wonders in the world. It was addicted to me. Ina another officemate played the game also just she doesn’t finish it yet.

I made it just now. Mama and abang are busy commenting The Amazing Race Asia showed. Darn!!!! Why did the Philippines’s couple not eliminated? To me the wife is so rude to the husband. She yells whenever she likes, swears, babblings and she just talk too much. I got irritated with her. I wish they will be eliminating next week. Seriously!

While I finished my game to the last level. After I did the last level, that was it. It like not excited any more. I won and did it so? Actually I don’t like the finishing part. They can do like more on the finishing. Hahahhaha. Besides the player put on effort to finish it right??? Dah la tak dapat highest scores.Geram ahhhhh.

ps: mmmmm abang played The Sims psp. When is my turn? Hehehhehe or maybe you can replace with other Adidas’s Adria Low Sleek Series Shoe.hahahhahah kan abang kan ?


One Response to “.: I did it :.”

  1. Tetikus Says:

    mmg patut couple tu kuar.. bini dia tu weng!!.. huhu

    pam n vanessa pon weng gak..

    aku sokong yg pekak tu.. ;p

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