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.: Emotionally im not ok!! :. January 7, 2008

Filed under: Hubby,Me — msmaylyn @ 4:13 pm

What is wrong with me? i should be happy with the news. She’s 6 weeks pregnant. She is my family. Am i jealous? Should be right? Huh… tired to think about this.

I am hoping. I believe in Allah’s willing. Everyone is so happy with the news except for me. Arghhhh. “Owh…she not even have morning sickness!!!!!” oh well lucky her. What ever is it i pray for mine. And of course i pray for her health and also the pregnancy. Insya Allah mine is on the way.

Am not hating her. Am not angry at her just i am hurt! Emotionally I am not ok.

Ya Allah , kuat kan la hampa mu Ya Allah.

ps: i think both of us emotionally not ok!!! We hoping and we praying hard. Insya Allah….


2 Responses to “.: Emotionally im not ok!! :.”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    bykkan sabar….. i’allah ade rezeki tu… maybe lambat sket kot…. muah

  2. Asyida Says: happens sometimes when we have that envy feeling. But in anyways, Tuhan ade sebabnya yg tersendiri….yang pasti…everything happens for a reason.

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