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.: Happy Birthday Mama!!!! :. January 7, 2008

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Yup…mama’s birthday today January 7. She’s 54 years old now. Is only a year until the retirement. Wonder what her plan is after the retirement. Round the world? That is her favorites. Spend on vacations. Definitely Beijing in the calendar this year since them (her siblings) postponed to this year due Hairul’s wedding.

The trip should be on April or May or June. I don’t know maybe because of hubby and I not going. Hahahahha not enough fund. Mama insisted us to go. She willing to pay the fares but come on being a good, sweet, so “solehah” daughter, I think it’s kind of wasted. I just can’t take long leave so with hubby.

If the trip is on end of April, we obviously can’t go. There’s a big event (tell you later eh!). But like I said earlier, if we have the fund maybe we can’t consider to go. But I think we maybe need the money for our own fund, emergency or something happen – come up. We’ll never know right?

Owhhh this entry should be for mama. Hahahahha karangan terpesong lak. I bought mama Garnet necklace. Garnet precious stone is her birth stone for January. *hint hint* Mine is Opal / Tourmaline ( I like pink/blue tourmaline). (“;)

The necklace so match with garnet bracelet that Arwah Along bought for her 3 years ago. So nice. I like! She wanted the necklace so long already, maybe she hinted every year but her really-slow-and-not-that-rich daughter keep bought something else.Hahahahah not that she cant afford to but one but maybe from her only/the bestest daughter more meaningful kan?

We went Kunang-kunang for our dinner. I wanted a place that cozy and near to our place. But Kunang2 really disappointed us. All that we wanted either “ dah abis la kak” or “owh tuh tak de”. Adoiiii really the !(*&^^*&@^&@)(@@%^%%@%!@!%&^!%$@(.
I invited mama uda and DD since her birthday also today. She is a cousin sister of mine. We grew up together. She was my partner in so many ways. Miss the old days.

ps: Happy 54th Birthday to Mama & Happy 16th Birthday to DD (16th for 8 times in a row) huhuhu love both of you. D, Kak Lyn xbeli lagik hadiah ko later la eh…

ps2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FOZALIN huhuhuhu kak u la belanja i…


One Response to “.: Happy Birthday Mama!!!! :.”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    happy birthday to me….. eh silap plak….. happy birthday to ur mama…. ngeh ngeh ngeh….

    i belanje u mkn eskrem asam boi nak??? nak laaaa *larik*

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