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.: Babai guys… :. January 9, 2008

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I‘ll be spending this long weekend at Cameron Highlands with hubby, Ajip, Aida, Krail and Timmy. We planned the trip ages ago. Decided to go after ajip and aida wedded. Supposedly, Nizam was in the plan also but due some circumstances, he laid back from the trip. Pity him. Erk…pity ke??? Hahahhahahha

We will be out early morning tomorrow as wanted to fully utilize the trip. I’ll be back home on Saturday since working on Monday. Sunday is resting day.

May the trip bless by Allah and we have safe journey. And also a lots of fun. Insya Allah.

Babai (^;^) see ya.

ps: I already packed my things but I think I need to reduce some. We are only go for 2 nights but what I have is for 2 months supply. huhuhuhu

ps2: I’ll update about the trip eh???? Later laaaa nk pack barang lagik niihhhh


2 Responses to “.: Babai guys… :.”

  1. Annaster Says:

    huhuh.. ye jer pack for two days.. kan atan kata u byk bw bj.
    ahak!! krail kata mcm nak pindah jer dok CH tu..
    u, nice trip by da way. damn serius i’m gonna miss our trip together wit the rest.
    muahahaha.. plan lagik ekk??

  2. maylyn Says:

    hahahaha elehhh krail dia pn bwk bag besar gakkk huhuuh nk nk gik lagik some other place la ehhh

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