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.: I’m back :. January 16, 2008

Filed under: Friends,Hubby,Me,Vacations — msmaylyn @ 1:29 am

I’m back. Yes am back since last Sunday. But I don’t have guts to update the trip. Busy doing nothing. *grin grin*

I need to do my laundry. The laundry is now reached up to my elbow. *malu malu* Meaning, am too lazy to do all that or we just have a lot of clothes.

After came back from Cameron, I just miss the weather there. The smell, mist every morning. *elehh baru 2 nights* . I’ll update the trip okay. *promise promise*

ps: Saya suke Cameron Highland but not the food.

ps2: to syu: ala ko nihhh nanti aaaa…tunggu jek la aku post. Dlm draft laaa (“,)


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