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.: Finally! :. January 18, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Me — msmaylyn @ 6:05 am

Teri and henri been eliminated. Thank God! Two times not eliminated. How lucky right?
But did you all noticed that last episode they less argue/fight. kan??? I think that they been advised by the producer.*gelak gelak*

But, did kakak vince really ok? She hit herself bit hard. Huh, i cant even remembered that she did last 10 minutes. Scarry!!!Natasha and what-her-name, l knew that they can did it. Lost to Teri and Henri would the last thing to happen to anyone in earth.

Those guys, Marc and Rovilson are rock!!! I like them. They can win this amazing race asia. I rasa la kan.

ps: I played Can’t fight the Moonlight like gazillon times. And i really pity to Atol and Fati, listened to my-not-so-sedap-voice.huhuhuh like i said,i took wrong profession.huuhhuhuuh

ps2: …tonite… u can try to resist… deep the dark…but u know…cant fight the moonlight…oooooooo…starlight starlight….u cant fight it


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