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.: Happy Birthday Gurl!!! :. January 19, 2008

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Timmy, Krail and Tomatos….
Happy Birthday to You… Happy Birthday to You… Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday….Happy Birthday to You… TIMMY!!!!!

Huh…not easy yea to sing out loud alone in the house. Hubby is left to work. Me alone. I glad that we went out last night. Even though it was a “lepaking” event but at least you with your loved ones on your Birthday Night Eve’s. (ermmmm are me and hubby considered your loved ones????? (“,) )

Maybe we can hang out at my place for a small party with the all the member. But this time I hope that he (you-know-who) can join us. We can order some food and maybe the boys can continue the game journey. *pray hard at the other telly is ok by that time*

Or maybe we can go out. Go to movies. A movie marathon. Go to dinner till “muntah darah* and only come home at 5am. *grin grin* anything you girl. We think of something occay!

Today is your special day. Hope you have fun. Go celebrate with Krail. Go berdating bercintan sakan ber”anything” *battling eyelashes*. Celebrate the special day with your “him” just of two of you.

Take a good care you. May God Bless you. Have a wonderful journey of life. You two meant for each other. I thank god that I know you, befriend to you. Hope the relationship lasts. Insya Allah.

ps: its kinda over exaggerating. U, may be our top in the wishlist come true…(erk u tau kan ape????) (“,)

ps2: To Krail : Hehehhehe beli ape for timmy????


One Response to “.: Happy Birthday Gurl!!! :.”

  1. Annaster Says:

    *Sob Sob*

    Tribute for me!!! Gurl, definitely u and ur hubby are my loved ones plus with the others..
    Thank god as well that He brought you for me when I’m in the middle of nowhere..
    Hye, you also in my highest ranking ma!!

    BFF okey!!

    Love always..

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