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.: Bus trip to Putrajaya :. January 27, 2008

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Atol and I went to work by bus on Thaipusam Eve. I don’t to drive and stuck in jammed. Huh I can’t stand the jammed. Even Though Sang Merah is automatic car but it just wasting my time and so tiring. Since Atol already know the bus route so I let Atol lead the journey. Huhuhuuh journey konon macam nak pegi mana jek…

She said the bus is every half an hour, so we decided to take the 730am bus. But sometime the bus come early so I said , 715am at the bus station.

I leave the house 645am and walked to Taman Melati Putra Station. 7 minutes walk. By 658am I already in the train. I brought PSP, so I managed to finish Level 7 “7 Wonders”.Around 720am, reached CM Putra. Atol called said the bus there already. Huh Jalan Laju laju.. I was late. Erk Sorry Atol. 725am the bus driver leaves the station. The fare from CM to Purtrajaya Sentral is RM3 single trip if returns ticket it only cost you RM5. We seat just behind the driver. I was so thrilled with the journey. Its been a long time I didn’t take bus. I continued the Level 7.

Reached Putrajaya Sentral around 805am. We need changed bus to Parcel D. Nadi Putra Bus – interchange within Putrajaya. Ya Allah ! The trip took forever. Segala bagai precint dia dok pusing. Till I fall slept. It took us 20-30 minutes actually.

By 855am we were in the office and started the freacking boring coding.

I wanted to bring Atol naik ERL since Atol never been in erl. So Fati sent us to Putrajay Sentral. Kejap jek not even 15minutes. The ERL ticket cost us RM9.50 to KL Sentral. I thought there’s a few using erl but I was wrong. Ramai sihh not that we didn’t have seat but we can’t choose where to seat. The journey took us around plus minus 20minutes.

We still need take putra to back home. Huh Putra ni la hai…ramai sgt la. The putra so packed but I managed to go to centre and continued Level 7.

Sampai rumah around 8pm. Really long journey. Tiring but I enjoyed it. Would do this next time.

Thank You Atol for the journey.

ps: I slept at 10pm that day usually the earliest 12midnight . Hahahhaha penat but I think if I drove surely more tired.


One Response to “.: Bus trip to Putrajaya :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    haha…atul tunjuk kepoyo an die sbb dah teror naik bas
    hihihi…jgn marah tul
    ya ampunnnn….

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