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.: AJL, Mawi and Dik Da :. January 28, 2008

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After Aisyah performed, hubby and I off to Shah Alam to fetch mama. But we listened to Hot FM the AJL.

I didn’t know that Mawi did some magic. Haahhahahah. Huh bosan la mamat nih. When we reached mak’s house, it was 1030 so another half an hour. So we decided to stay till the result.

Vokal Terbaik : Jac & Lah
Persembahan Terbaik : Mawi
Juara Lagu : Estranged

The other award tuh I didn’t remember the winner.

So I dok gelak gelak with the cousins and the niece, Dik Da.

Me : Adik, adik suke ke Mawi?
Dik Da : With a very long pulse mmmmm suke
Me : Maylyn tak suke, so if adik nak kawan ngan maylyn jangan suke Mawi!

She so confused and regretted that she said she likes Mawi. Hahahhahahah. She just keep quite.

Me : Next week maylyn datang, adik tulis “I Hate Mawi” 1000 times. Get it??? Submit to me. If not…we will never be friend again….

Dik Da : Erk..

AHhahahahahhah all of us dah gelak gelak. Her ibu pun cannot tahan already.
Dik da is resamble me when I was young. She is a good friend of mine. But we have to have next week if she still my best niece. Hehehehehhe Pity you adik, I didn’t stand with Mawi. How come you can simply “suke” to that Mawi.

ps: Can’t hardly wait this weekend. But I know her answer for not doing the “I Hate Mawi” thingy à Ala mana adik tahu!!!


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