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.: Thaipusam Day and Monopoly :. January 28, 2008

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Hubby downloaded Monopoly to his pc. So we try the game on Thaipusam Day. Hahahahah really had fun and somebody finally went to take a nap since he could’nt believe that he was losing. *big grin*

Tak puas ati la tuh. Terus jek gik tido. Hahahahhaha. You only roll the dice with a single click. That all you need to do. I bought what ever I came across. Build 8 houses in a row. Thinking to build a hotel but hubby bankrupt already. He can’t afford to pay me. *gelak gelak*

He dared me to play again with him but once is enough. A little bit bored actually because you have follow the instructions. No cheating. Tak best la kalau tak cheating.

“Alyn wins the game with $3,865 in cash and properties valued at $5,810” / Azaham Bankrupt

Abang , eat your heart out. Hahahahhaha you lose.

ps: Buy the Monopoly la abang, then only we can rematch. (“;)


3 Responses to “.: Thaipusam Day and Monopoly :.”

  1. Annaster Says:

    ala… mana aci seh main online. kita main yg real punya la. tak best main online. u can see how monster Krail can be when he in the games..

  2. maylyn Says:

    tu la psl…nk soh atan beli nihh monopoly…let the game begins..muahahha kita tgk sapa plg cheating….

  3. Asyida Says:

    Best jugak main monopoly yg board games punyer kan? Nak cariklaa satu mcmnie 😉

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