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.: Cergazam Sdn Bhd :. February 6, 2008

Filed under: Hubby,Me,Sang Merah — msmaylyn @ 11:40 am

We experienced a bad day at Chevrolet” Service Center at Federal Highway – Cergazam Sdn Bhd. If you’re from PJ, it located same row with Avon. Big, New Chevrolet.

Hubby drafted a letter to them, Hicom-Chevrolet Malaysia to rise the issue. What was the problem?? Will blog later since I xde perasaan it in now. Sian Sang Merah. And of course pity us. Wasted 7 hours there.

ps: I will not go there again. Huh nyesal nyesal sgt nihhh

ps2: Cergazam, you will hear from us soon.


One Response to “.: Cergazam Sdn Bhd :.”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    nape ngan sang merah kamu???

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