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.: Love is All :. February 6, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Hubby,Songs — msmaylyn @ 2:38 pm
When you hold me like this
so many memories fill my eyes
the first time we kissed
the times we nearly said good-bye
but still here we are
tested and tried and still true
and stronger than we ever knew

Love is all
the laughter and the tears that fall
the mundane and the magical
love is all
all is love
the careless word, the healing touch
the getting and the giving of
all is love
there’s a me you’ve always known
the me that’s a stranger still
the you that feels like home
and the you that never will
but still here we lie
tender and trusting and true
with everything that we’ve been through

All the glory
all the pain
all the passion
that turns to ashes
only to rise again

This song is sung by Marc Anthony. Huh the voice and passion in the singing make you want to cry. Ok a little bit of “kepoyoan” but I really like him. My Baby You, You sang to me, I want to spend my lifetime with you are my favorites. Added the Love is all. Call me a super-duper-feelling-akinda-freak I don’t care. I like him ok! Hahahahah Do you think that he ever came to Malaysia? But now my liking is getting lesser because of that Jeniffer Lopez. Nampak sgt la jeles nye. Hahahhahahah But good news she found hers, I already have my – Abgku!!!!!!!! Abang always said that Marc is so gayish or happy man but who cares…Love you Abg.

ps: I’m-so-inlove-with-this-sing since i was form 4/5 or during college time. Huhuhu

ps2: I played this song more than 100times today…i sang along every single played…(“,)

One Response to “.: Love is All :.”

  1. Fozalin Says:

    eh u called me akak…. ajaham also called me akak….. the question is… nape u panggel ajaham “abg”???
    hahahaha larikkkk

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