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.: A friend of mine called SYU :. February 11, 2008

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She was ex officemate of mine. She left the company almost 3-4months now. But since then, I think I became closer with her. We can talk like anything. Everyday except for weekends we always at least gtalked/ymed once. We can share anything. Changing opinions and gossiping.

When she was here, I think we barely speaking. We only speak thru gtalk/ym. (Mana tak nye nk berckp sampai sampai opis jek summer pakai headphone sapa tak pakai lagik pelik. Kesunyian yg akan melanda sepandang hari). I guessed. But now I even go to her house. Amazing huh?

She loaned me a Set of Gilmore Girls DVD season 1 to season 5. Thanks to her, hubby and I will spend time together to see the DVD. Surprisingly my hubby also shows some interest to the Gilmore Girls. Its kind a spending-time-together-after-working-hard huhuhuhhu as if I did worked hard.(“,)

She also bought me a Tudung Bawal from Kelantan since she went back to her husband’s hometown last CNY. Of course I pay back the tudung. I am not the mintak mintak kinda person okay!!! I wanted to transfer some cash before that but she insisted after if only she brought back the tudung. (errr kan syu??? Aku x meminta2 kan huhuhu)

Thank you for being my friend syu. Thank god you shifted to the new company if not we still not-that-much-talking hehehe. I do really like the tudung. No worries.

ps: I haven’t finished the DVD. Later okay. But if ever you need it, I’ll send over to your house.
ps2: Grey’s Anatomy ada ka??? hehehe


2 Responses to “.: A friend of mine called SYU :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    Biasanya, my rutin at ofis, masuk2 keje jek..trus cek frenster, emel pastu blog aku.tapi hari nih..tak tau nape aku lupe nak cek blog.skang dah kul 3 ptg tetiba baru tringat.bile klik jek kat blog nih, trus nampak nama aku..ihik…kembang smangkuk jap (bak kata atul-new phrase i learned from her) hal bebeh.just hoping my fren tak nampak ur blog, if die baca, kantoilaa plak i let u lend her GG without permision..ampun patik ampunnnn

  2. Mummy Hanny Says:

    salam ms.maylyn.

    saje nak mengkantoikan syu! kuang3!!!


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