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.: The Journey has begun :. March 4, 2008

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Starting yesterday, I started commutes with bus to Putrajaya. Atol, Fadh and i. We bought the RM135 rapidkl’s monthly pass. Worth it if you buy this pass. My routine are from home I took Putra Taman Melati to Putra Pasar Seni then I have to take bus at Bus Stand Kelang (I don’t know the place called but last time it was called by that name). E1.

I did blog about this right. Well today I came late again. Pity Atol. She waited for me this morning. That stupid Putra la, I waited for 3 putras tau. Huh the 3rd one baru I managed to go in. Tomorrow I should change my strategy. Heheheh what is the strategy? I also don’t know. But I need one. *wink*

Yesterday, balik time was ok but we have to rebut rebut with all the makciks. And I tell you the makcik makcik here really pain-in-the-a**. They jumped queue, pushing, pulling and also step in my foot. Wahhhh Makcik nih main kasar lak… I will defeat you makcik!! Hahahaha tunggu la I makcik.

There’s 2 makcik that really meyakitkan hati. Both in black yesterday. 1 is Indian and the other is malay and wearing tudung like bienda. Lawa sangat la tuh. Multicolored eyeshadows. Huhuhu berpinar jap mata i. Siap cakap “ Go Santa go…u go santa” the malay makcik said to Indian makcik.huhuhu *geram giler ok!* I managed to block an Indian guy to cut me in queue but I terover look about the makcik! Atol was the victim yesterday. She been pushed and blocked. Fadh was in the bus while me and Atol still fighting (erkk the word is so not suitable) for our seat.

From Putrajaya to KL Sentral is not near ok. So we need to seat. Hahhahaha
Ya Allah I sound really pathetic…merebut seat with makciks… but if you were me yesterday you maybe understand. But overall, I think I’ll stay commutes with bus since its way cheaper than driving. RM135 compared to RM450++ fuel and toll. A lot right???

Futher more, I can go to KLCC anytime after work!!! Yeay!

Ps: I do respect the elderly. But I can’t stand with immature adults and rude people. Please excuse me.


3 Responses to “.: The Journey has begun :.”

  1. jason Says:

    hey, here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash, I was making about $900 extra a month…
    check it out ..

  2. Elyn Says:

    itu makcik2 mmg expert bab tolak2 tau….. dulu2 mmg slalu berebut ngan makcik2 nih…. owhh snggh ku x tahan….. go alyn go alyn hahaah

    btw nape ek u naik bus?

  3. maylyn Says:

    -> elyn : huhuhu tu la psl…makcik2 nih kejam sehh main tolak jek…xkan i nk tolak makcik lak kan…i baik tau…i naik bus sbb mls nk drive…futhermore compy i kasik claim ciput …sian i kak

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