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.: Yes, I am FAT :. March 10, 2008

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Last Friday, matrix’s management decided to treat us lunch. So Zila (zila = read as middle-management because she said so! Pathetic kan?) gtalked Atol to tell us about the luncheon. The event took place at Alamanda, owh she asked us to choose a few places to go to. Finally we decided to Manhattan Fish Market.

Well not everyone likes to eat fish or seafood right? But I do. I love Manhattan. Hehehe I like fish. If ever I go Tomyam Restaurant, and ordered Siakap, I can finish it alone ok! Everyone was there except for En Izzat, Mariam and KakMas. Amad also joined us even though he is not Matrix staff.

Me, Inah and Atol took the sharing meal. The Meal just nice for three of us. Actually I really not in the mood to blog anything about the lunch.

But I really pissed with that Amad.huh Amad is MD’s brother in law. He was helping us on the JKKP Portal (actually I didn’t know what is he doing @jkkp) I didn’t talk much with him. Barely speaking or I must say that we never talk to each other. I sat beside him, ermmm between us there was empty seat. He put his bag there. After sitting, miggle mingle den he pulled the empty chair to him. I looked at him, then he said “ Bukan ape, aku tgk ko yg sempit jek. Tu yg aku tarik kerusi nih”

Banggang! I was erk what ever! I feel ashamed to who ever heard his stupid statement. Then the food served, we ate. I really enjoyed the meal with ina dan atol. All the sudden Amad aka stupid men on earth said “ko nk nasi tambah tak?” then I said “Ada aku mintak ke?”

“ tak de la ko mcm xcukup makan jek” PIG la u!!!!! I just ignored him.

Look I am FAT but I didn’t mess with your life. What is really wrong with him? Did I do any thing wrong of being fat? I though this is a free country. He didn’t give me money. I worked to be paid. My hubby gave me money. I am sad. I just fat. Being fat so unfair here!

Huh…fat, thin, skinny, super fat doesn’t important. The most important is our heart. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe that was not his intentions. But too bad I took wrongly.
Owh I feel so pathetic fat lady. Erk or maybe I am?


ps: Saya mengamalkan hidup yg sihat tau!


6 Responses to “.: Yes, I am FAT :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    ok what…besshh nak peluk…ihik..aku lg best…nenek aku siap suh mkn byk2…kasik berisi skit coz i am tooo skinny “Makan byk2 skit, cmmne laki nak peluk kalu keding mcmtu?”…erk…owh nenek???

  2. Annaster Says:

    Yg penting ur hubby love u and we (Me&Krail and Ajip&Aida) love u for wut u r and who u r… Ok??
    Senyum laa

  3. Elyn Says:

    jgn cedih adik akak….. akak ko nih pun dh besar gak tau…. hahahahah

  4. Lily.Lulu. Says:

    huh .. rasa mcm nak sepak je kalo laki yang mulut mcm tuh ..

    dont worry …. we shud be proud of ourself … biao kan laa dia tuh .

    jeles x menempat …
    tapi .. still .. kalau i kat tempat u memang akan perli dia balik …


  5. Aleeya Says:

    pada i kan, gemuk ke kurus ker tak penting dlm hidup ni,..pedulikan sekeliling okay, yg penting kita bahagia ..dulu masa i gemuk (remaja)..i bahagia jerk ..sihat n happy jerk..hehhe, bila dah start keje.. dah kurus, alhamdulilah bahagia juga, so ape bezanyer gemok dan kurus..sama je kan..kan kan..hehhehehe

  6. maylyn Says:

    asyida -> ahhahahah tula atan kata senang nk peluk,aku suke la nenek ko…

    annaster -> that’s y la u, i shudnt pk psl wat did he say kan asalkan i happy wit atan ok la kan…

    elyn -> hehehhe cedih ceket jekk

    lily -> i pn rasa nk sepak kan! dh la adik ipar boss kang i lak kena sepak hahahhaha

    aleeya -> hehehe tula pasl maybe i been carried by this matter la kot…. but i think happiness is more important kan

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