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.: Mama, China and i :. March 13, 2008

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Mama has gone to China with her sisters last Tuesday. But I already miss her. She’ll be back next Monday. Just now Mak Chah smsed me said they were on top of Great Wall.
Huh how badly I wanted to go here. I have always wanted to go China to see the Great Wall. I don’t why. Mama wanted to treat us (Abg and I) this trip, but we (err actually I did) have plans with the money that mama allocated. I have been thinking maybe our trip would be end of the year (hopefully) since mama retired in Jan 2009. So I wanted to give her retirement gift/trip. InsyaAllah.

I make a promise to myself to save a bit little bit more than current. We have plans ahead so we need enough fund for both (oppsss did I said both?) Right now my (nor me and hubby) priority is my family. Adding a new member to the family kind of hard for us. I do believe that our time will come. Right? Maybe it’s just not the time. We have to keep waiting and believe what Allah has fated for us.

Mama and I have a lot of disagreement in many matters but of course I love her more than she loves herself. There are two people that I love most, Mama and my dearie Abg. Owh how am I supposed to live without you two? Tell me….

Ps: I wondering what mama buy for me….*blushing*


2 Responses to “.: Mama, China and i :.”

  1. Lily.Lulu. Says:

    besnya ur mom gi China … takpe maylyn .. 1 day u pon akan dapat pergi jugak

    dont worry dear

  2. maylyn Says:

    lily -> heheheh tu la nk tgg 1 day tuh bile la haiii

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