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.: The Mama’s in the family :. March 13, 2008

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1st row: Andak, Hairul, Annette, Nini and Mak Chah
2nd row : Atam, Mama Uda, Mak and Mama

Mak, Andak, Mama Uda, Mama and Annette are sisters. Mak Chah and Atam are their cousins. They do look alike the sisters? I love this picture.

Ps: Hairul is Annatte’s eldest son. Nini will be excepting their 1st child sometime in September/October.

Ps2: huh… Their wedding date is same with me but 1 year later. (Do you see the fact that I wanted to say??? Please refer above)


3 Responses to “.: The Mama’s in the family :.”

  1. Aleeya Says:

    songket merah itu mengingatkan aku pada hari persandingan ku ehhehe

  2. Annaster Says:

    Babe!! I see ur point here!! Keep on believing and hoping cause this is not only my Journey-Of-Hope. It’s your’s as well..
    Pray for both of us..

  3. maylyn Says:

    aleeya -> err yek…i la belanje dorg tuhhh songket tuhh tp kaler maroon la nih…mcm merah yek?

    annaster -> tq u…i hope too…amen

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