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.: The Interviews :. April 3, 2008

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Last Friday, I went 2 interviews in a row. I’ve scheduled to be on the same day.

Interview 1

Venue: Plaza Mont’ Kiara
Time: 10 am

I reached at Mont Kiara at 930 am. So of course, acara pegi toilet went first kan. Hahaha…and I were really nervous. It’s been a long time since my last interview which was I also couldn’t recall when it was. Although the interview only conducted by the middle-man, I was really freaking nervous about it.

I was supposed to see Fione. Then I followed her to some sort of computer lab. I was like alahai ada test lak. Damn ahh. She handed me a piece of paper. I supposed to fill in my particulars for hundreds of time. In 15 minutes, she came to interview me. Eh she’s alone. Thank God.

She asked me to explain every single detail in my cv. Ape dia nihhh xreti baca ke?? Ok lagik la kan so I keeping on talking and explaining. Then she wanted to know every detail (read as sgt detail). Kapla la. My first job was as Helpdesk Assistant. She keep asking question like, why do you worked as helpdesk before. Because I can see there’s nothing to do with your Diploma. Hoi AMOI…I need cash dowh. Hahahha bangang gile mmg la mcm normal jek question dia but I got really irritated. Boleh tak? Tell me every project you have done in the previous company. Adoi… I worked there 3 years harusla I xberapa nk ingat la kan. Furthermore all the details are in the cv. Alahai.

Questions from her all like that. And the interview took nearly an hour. Huh penat seh. Ngan nk control cun lagik ngan speaking London lagik hahahha segan jap.

Finished the interview at 12noon. I called noni to accompany me to OU. Then she said after I finish the 2nd interview la. I pn ok ok. See ya.

Eh lucky the parking fees was only RM3. Headed to OU.

Interview 2

Venue: Bandar Utama
Time: 3pm

Nih lagik la…hahhaa I reached ou xsmpi 15minutes. Tak crowded lagik la OU. Gik la jenjalan for nearly 3 hours. Mak aiii penat giler. Masuk kedai sana kedai sinih. I haven’t received my salary yet so xnk la mengada-ngada shopping xtentu pasal kan.

Tp yang nih seriously I was so takut ok. I dh bayangkan memcm terrible dh. That why the shopping mood also faded.

Asyik sms abg saying that I really takut but I was here already make as well give it a shot. At 245pm I headed to the office. Damn. Sangat modern wehhh. Before me there were a few peoples or maybe candidates. Lagik la nervous.

No form to fill in. No need to “Tell me about yourself”. No. The interviewers explain the job scopes. Then they just talk to me as if I got the job. In the middle of the interview (actually I would rather say a discussion), they called another person to join in. Aduss…I couldn’t breathe that time. Hoi giler ke …tekak dh kering nihhh…

The interview/discussion went for 1 and half hours. I never been interviewed that long. Seriously, I was totally exhausted.

After that, I called noni for the meeting. Then she said she have a lot of works to do. So ok la I went back. And tido.

Huhuhu.penat giler wehhh. I suggest la kan lain kali don’t ever pepandai nk wat interview smpi 2 in a day. Sure penat gile. Mentally I was tired.

I ended the Friday with went OU again with Abg to buy his crocs. Hehehe nk lagik satu but I need to save a little bit more for my upcoming projects.

ps: I bought PS I love you. Need to read the book first before the showing. Tangkap nangis I tell you.

ps2: syu…if ever ko xsedey I dunno what to said…heartless!!!! ahhahahhaha


2 Responses to “.: The Interviews :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    tak taulaa mcmne nanti lepas aku
    baca buku tuh…ihik…
    rasanya mcm…erkkk…did snything happened?? ekekekek

  2. maylyn Says:

    asyida -> aku dh agak dh ko nihh mmg heartless tauu…huh

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