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.: You Got In :. April 8, 2008

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Huhuhu finally. Alhamdullilah. They offered me the job. The 2nd interview I had mentioned earlier. I have read the contract. So do Abg. Maybe this is it. The Hiring Manager (HM) called me a few times last week but I didn’t pick up. I don’t know why. I feel uneasy with the result. The result was so soon. I didn’t ready with any of it. I thought I didn’t get through. I knew didn’t get through.

So the next day I called HM. Apology of not answering the calls. I told him that I left my mobile at the office. By the time he called me, I already went back. (“,) look, I wasn’t ready to pick up the phone. I wasn’t at that time.

HM: Owh … no wonder. I called you several times yesterday and also this morning.

Me: Mmmmm I am sorry Mr. **** (if ever RAB or what-so-ever her asst read this…surely they dig around who the hell is Mr. ****). So how was it? (Huh I just wanted that he just give me a short answer. Yes or No)

HM: Congratulations!!! You got in. (I was in shocked and confused. You got in? What is that? Hahaha think people…me so in with YOU GOT MAIL movie so of course I was like err You got mail in???)

Me: what do you mean by that? You got in? -> Yes! I was stupid. You got the job you idiot!

The conversation last at least another 3-5minutes. He explained the important things.

So I got the job. I wanted to call abg but he was in an interview. So I keep it for myself. Except for Atul she was there when I called HM. She was like “Dapat eh kaklyn…dapat eh”

I am only tender my resignation yesterday. Huh. I am sad. I don’t know why. New workplace.

Leaving the company that you have been worked for nearly 3 years is big for me. But I need this. I need new job. Life must go on. Better offer. Good earnings.

Babai MBSB… hehehhe

Ps: But I sgt sedih when berdiskas ngan En Izat. He was so calm. There’s anything I can do to make you stay? Huh kenot laaa en izat. All the best for JKKP Team.

Ps2: Sgt poyo ok! I ada kt company nih smpi ujung bulan. Shut up and finish your work alyn!


4 Responses to “.: You Got In :.”

  1. Elyn Says:

    congrat’s dear alyn…… erm tp kat mane ek ur new off?? kalo mont kiara mmg i senyum lebaq…..

  2. Asyida Says:

    Heee…congratulations its time to feeling nervous thinking about how the new surroundings will be like. All the best. I hope you dont get any colleagues that are the kembars of Mrs. Singa!!! ekekekeke

  3. Lily.Lulu. Says:

    congrats !!!
    happy for u …


  4. maylyn Says:

    elyn -> tq sis!huhuhu sebelah OU. heheh figure it yourself ok. Tp kan if ever i got the 1 in mont kiara pn i base at Subang so we still kenot hang out on lunchie…

    asyida -> tq dear…hehehe seram ok keje baru. owh FYI i kan sama keje ngan minah tuhh….pray for the best of me ok!

    lily -> tq u!!! hahahha tp mcm takut jap!

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