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.: My worst nightmare!!! :. April 9, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Work — msmaylyn @ 6:38 am

I couldn’t believe this is happening to me. Why me? There’s billions people in Malaysia. Why Fadzlina Hanum Mohammad Fadzil? I am in grief.

Last week Ben was her last week at MBC. She kept the new workplace to herself. Fine with me actually. Because I also being so secretive about new workplace. I know only these 2 places she would go.

BUT, I didn’t expect that she chose same place with me. Huh….After 2 months she handed the resignation letter, I didn’t expect this.

She is so difficult person to work with. She will torture you till death! (eh, I’m not death yet hahhahaha). Once, me and she didn’t talk to each other for a few months.

Think think think!!! What to do? What is the solution? Will I stay here at MBC? No! I will not stay.

Ps: Bengong ok. Why wesss??? Why…xde tempat lain ke dia nk keje? Hangen ok.
Ps2: Ala keje je la Alyn. Lek lek kool ah. (Kata Alyn to Alyn) L


One Response to “.: My worst nightmare!!! :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    i think u’ll be bestest friendsss after this…ekekeke (kata syu to alyn)

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