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.: Her turn now :. April 11, 2008

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Noni, Alin & Me

Alin : Hi…
Me: Damn! Hi…its been awhile!
Alin: Hah la..Ko kt ne? – well she sounded so excited.
Me: Carrefour nih with azaham and mama. Naper wes ko nih kat ne? any updates?
Alin: Ala…aku nk ajak dinner. Slalu macam nih.Asal kol ko jek ko kuar. Huh.
Me: lek ah xde rezeki.Lain kali okeh.So….
Alin: I have a good news! – she was giggled.
Me: Omigoshhh…u pregnant!!!

bla bla bla…

Ya allah. I am so happy for you dear. Eventho it shoub be me first! hahaha kidding ok. Rezeki memasing. We going to have potluck party for her. hahaha at her house. The plan is not up yet. But I’ll think of something.

Definitely, she needs her friends now. Noni, Ila, Mona and ofcourse me. But being the nearest to her house, I will be there for you dearie.

I miss her and the girls. I really do. We need each other. Noni in other hand, being there for me with all the bullshitting with my current job. The baby thing, the up and running…she will there for me. Actually they’ll there me. Vice versa.

Weh, korang…datang ah umah aku..but I don’t cook ok. Hehehe

Ps: Aku dh pandai bake cheese cake!!!


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