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.: Up and Comings this week :. April 16, 2008

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Ok it’s been a while. Literally I quite occupied with whatsoever am doing now. We (hubby and I) took an annual leave on last Monday as my regular appointment with my doctor. Again she instructed me to see her on Friday. Huh…

But because of the appointment on Monday, I have managed settling a few things. The lawyer office already called for the documents signing, I signed my contract (end up brought back a bunch of agreement which was some of it I didn’t agreed) and I bought a few books.
Yes, I just signed my contract. I had resigned before I signed the contract. I can’t wait to leave the company. In fact, all this while I have been busy yming, gtalking, net surfing and blog hopping. I am sick and tired with this project.

Almost 3 years now, I can say the project is fail. The requirements keep changing for only god knows how many. I have to delegate my tasks to either KakMas or Fadh. The truth is they will be cursing me for all the tasks. Kakmas should be more responsible after I left the team. She’s earned more then me and yet she being so helpless in the team. Matrix been duped a big time of the CV. Hah enough of her.

I sent back my Kak-Ura’s-Wedding-Dress to my tailor. The dress is shorter what I wanted. And of course I have to buy some of the Creep Silk that I have bought last time. Supposedly, the dress should be ready by this Thursday. Hopefully. I said to the tailor the wedding is on Saturday night. Hehehhe klu x terhegeh-hegeh nak siapkan.

As Kak Ura’s wedding which is on Next Friday and Saturday there’s nothing much to update(mcm la before this I been telling korg about the wedding kan). Last minute preparation I would say. And I also contribute to last minute preparation of not taking the tanjak at Andak’s.

Abang will be away to Langkawi this weekend for Annual Company trip. The timing is so not right. With abang’s coming final exam. Kak Ura’s wedding (there’s so much to do actually. I just know ok!!!) And also the treatment I been taking. I need this to make it happen. Hhahahha korg sure clueless. Later la I blog about it.

Owh I miss my friends. Where are they? Everyone kind of busy with their life. Huh Guys, we need to see each other ok!! Sgt xsehat relationship kita nihhh

k..bai…nk solat then go home. Bus to catch.

Ps: I bought 2 books. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards and A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern.

Ps2: Currently reading The Other Side of The Story by Marian Keyes.


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