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.: Yesterday and Today :. April 17, 2008

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Yesterday, everyone went crazy ok! I’d put my gtalk status using a part of Careless Whisper lyrics by George Michael. But Wani preferred Montell Jordon version. To me both are sweet and harmonies. *wink*

Started with me, then Wani, Syu Nora and BEN. Can u believed it? Ben. Yup That Ben. Ok. She’s not that terrible. There’s a kindness in her. I know (sgt pathetic kan I nihhh???) Well she bought us a box of Lindt Chocolates before she leaves. Baik la kan. If ever she went back to Kuching, usually nye la ada Kak Lapis Sarawak for all of us.

Maybe I can’t be her best friend. But I can be her ordinary friend. Err all the sudden…citer psl Ben lak. She is ok. But to certain people (read people as Kak Mas) she can be pain-in-the-ass. Padan muke that people. Hahahah

En Izat is here again. I must say I feel awkward being around him. As if I have betrayed him or something. I don’t why. Leaving the company in this stage, like giving poison to someone. Sorry ok. I can’t help it. I have to. Xpe MBC can manage.

Today we(Abg and I) menjenguk his parents and also Kak Ura’s Wedding preparation. Since he will be away for the company trip. I can’t promise to be at Kepong this weekend since my cousin n her mama stay over at my house. But maybe stop by; send the tanjak and tolong pape yg patut. The Wedding is next week. Just around the corner. I still haven’t pick up my dress at KakSaba(The terhegeh2 Tailor).

Owh, Abg’s exam will be coming soon. I am hoping that he do his best for the exam. Especially Software Engineering paper. Hah..senang jek abg…u wat jek.

Babai guys…seeing Dr komalamaty again tomorrow so I’ll be late to work. How I wish I can take leave tomorrow. Tp keji gak la next week nk cuti lagik for Kak Ura’s Wedding. Kalau xamik cuti lagik tuk kenduri tuh lagik la hina. Huhuhu. Sian Mak and Ayah worked hard for the kenduri. I ni kan menantu yg baik, sweet and cantek of course la menolong. Tp Kak Ura always said that am not menantu but hantu. Elehhhh blahh ahh

Later korg.

ps: I still don’t understand why I have to come to work even I a, not doing any work????


One Response to “.: Yesterday and Today :.”

  1. Skinny Legs Says:

    Eh yeke? ben ada buat status careless wisper tuh? how come i didnt notice…hmmmm…*wondering*

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