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.: Tak Kelakar OK!!! :. April 23, 2008

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On Monday, a day before yesterday, I was walking alone to home from Putra LRT. In front of me a young couple (but I think they was around my age – hahahha twisted sentence of saying me also that young *blushing*). They were same Train with me but the girl had stopped to the shop. Without the guy noticing. He walked in front of me, right a step behind him. I heard he was talking to himself. I figured he must mistake of me and his girl. I was like ok move on. I heard he said “Sayang nak makan ape?” Huh…
What’s wrong with him?. I just keep quite.

Suddenly, he went to the bushes. He must be crazy. Of cause la I macam takut sket kan. Dah memacam pikir dah. Eh dia nih nk kipnap I ke? Maybe his modus operandi like this, I was like freaking like hell ok. Tetiba dia sergah “ Argghhhhhh…..hah kejut…”

Bangang tak? I jerit yang sangat kuat. Then I heard somebody running towards me. Mamat tuh sangat cuak ok. Sebab I sampai cangkung2 takut. Macam Nangis ok! His girlfriend said “Are you ok”. “Ya allah sayang! U wat ape nih”

Hahahahhah sangat sakit hati. “Sorry sorry, I thought u somebody else” hahahaha tapi kelakar ok. Dorang mcm nk gelak. Tp tgk I mcm nk nangis…Sangat memalukan ok. Siap ckp “ kete we all kt depan tuh jek, mehla we all anta blk” huh xpayah ok. I xnk. Tp seriously. Stupid.

They walked with me until reached the car he mentioned earlier. The girl said to me “Are you sure you can walk?”. “I ok. X pe xpe still can walk.” Once again “Sorry eh miss, saya janji xsergah cik lagik” hahhahahahha kelakar ok. “Xpe, bukan salah you sangat” if I wouldn’t walk too close with him, it would be no sergah sergah.

Sweet couple I must say. “ Assalamulaikumsalam Cik” “ Walaikumsalam” They shut the car’s door. They burst to laugh. Sangat Kuat OK> I feel like an idiot. I walked so fast. I totally forgot to tell Abang about this. Malu seh. Sebab I siap tutup tutup telinga masa kena sergah tuh.

This morning I saw them. The guy waved at me. I gave them a smile.

The end.

ps: Sila jangan ikut perangai mamat nih. So not healty. Klu I ada heart attack cam ne?

ps2: Currently reading, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. Wani loaned me her Shopaholic and Goddess.


2 Responses to “.: Tak Kelakar OK!!! :.”

  1. Annaster Says:

    ngeh ngeh..
    sabar u ekk.
    kalau i, i pun sakit jantung dah.
    silap ari bulan i maki balik..

  2. Elyn Says:

    sorry dearr….. akak mmg gelak gile bace u kene sergah!!!! tp shian pun ade….. soorryyy.

    gile ngan mamat men sergah2!!! esok2 u try la sergah die blk…. tgk die cuak dak hahahhaha

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