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.: Hectic Weekend : Thursday :. April 28, 2008

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I had taken early annual leave for my sister in law’s preparation her wedding. But I have promised Kak Ura to accompany her to buy last minutes things. So on that Thursday, I been reading my book until 3pm they (Kak Ura & Nana – my brother in law’s wife) said they on their way to my house. Before that I did smsed her twice and called her mobile but no replies. We went to Jalan TAR since my tudung/tiara brooch needs to be repaired.

Nana also wanted to buy tudung for the wedding. As for me, nothing to but since maybe I have no salary this month. Abg said be wise in spending. Huhuhu *wink wink*. Looking for Kak Ura’s shoe was tiring. End up we went to Sogo. She bought red stilettos only for rm20. Good Deal. Nana also bought her kids new shoes.

We reached at my house early 8pm. They went to pasar tani to buy some stuff for kuah lontong. Nana was given task by Mak. Luckly it was not me. Since I am not good in cooking any kuah kuah’ lauk.

Then Abg and I fetched my friend Alin to do henna thingy for Kak Ura. Before that Abg brought us to Kunang Kunang for our dinner. Reached at Mak Ayah’s house sometime 930pm. My other sister in law and her husband don’t agree the henna painting. But Kak Ura insisted so as for me the most important thing, what the bride wants.

Alin done the henna painting for almost 2 hours. Turned up good. I liked the design and thank god Kak Ura liked it too. Abg, Alin and me went back home at 1230am. Pity Alin. She’s pregnant now for sure she needs a lot of rests. Thank you dear. I owe you one.

Balik je prepare all the bajus, Abg’s equipments and makeups for the Nikah Ceremony.

Later…on Friday. ( I have till Saturday ok so gimme a break (“,))

Ps: I hardly slept that night since I was afraid that I have late for the next morning. Bengong kan?


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