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.: Hectic Weekend : Friday :. April 29, 2008

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Friday morning after we went to the lawyer office, we headed straight to Kepong. We reached there around 10am. And everyone (I meant the siblings/in laws) already at Mak’s. Damn it! Hahaha. Of course I freaked out but I got changed and straight to kitchen. I helped Kak Su (Abg’s Eldest Sister in Law) with the preparations. I was in the kitchen most of the time. Hehehe seriously I was so afraid with Mak and Kak Wa(Atan’s Eldest Sister). Hahahah silly me of course. But I can’t help it. Nana said “Alyn dh amek tender kt sink nih ke? Balik balik muke dia jek basuh pingang.” Hahahha setan sungguh beras ku!

The men in the house all went to Friday prayer. Abg supposed tp pick up my baju kurung for the kenduri later after prayer. And he took ages to come back to Kepong. The traffic was jammed. Kak Ura lak went out alone till 3ish pm. When I called her she said “Orang gik jalan jalan, nanti orang balk la”. Hahahah Hah seram… nak nikah la tuh. But it was not right to just disappear just before your nikah ceremony.

The makeup artist also came late. Near to 4pm. The Nikah should be held by 5pm. I was the one who freaking out as if I was the bride. The make up was ok. So so. Everyone went to the mosque around 445pm. We all managed to reach there before 5pm.

There were 2 couples. Kak Ura & Uncle. Hijau Girl & Hijau Boy (hahahhah sebab dorg pakai baju hijau). Uncle was late ok. The rombongan came at 530pm. Kadi dok Tanya Tanya dah. Kak Ura dah cuak. Mak and a few mak cik makcik dah bising. Hehehe

Kadi mulakan with the Hijau Boy then Uncle. 1 kete rombongan uncle sesat. Sian ok. Time nih la nk jadik. All the Mas Kawen and the Tempat Cincin batal air semayang with the people yg lost tuh. Sangat la cuak kan. Sib baik ikut mas kawen standard Selangor RM80. Uncle kuarkan duit dr wallet dia. And luckily the ring was with Kak Ura. She forgot to give him earlier. Thank God.

The akad ran smoothly. Except for ayah. He was really nervous. He did the akad 3 times (if I not mistaken). Sweet sangat ok. Ayah nikah kan. I yg over over ternangis sket. Kak Ura straight face dia jek. Huh xde perasaan langsung ok!

Uncle solat sunat. Batal kan air semayang jap then gambar sket sket. Balik rumah. By that time almost 640pm. The Groom’s rombangan makan makan. The teman kan Abg amek gambar Kak Ura and Uncle.

Dalam bilik Kak Ura. Err Bilik dorg la.

i macam suke la gambar dorg nih.

By 730pm they went back. Then I sambung keje keje basuh pingan i. Huh sangat penat ok. Kemas kemas sket sket. Sumer muka mcm hape tah. Mak Ayah of course la lagik penat. We planned to go to Wisma Sejarah to see the progress. Tp pukul 11pm baru function tuh abes. Memula ramai jek nk pegi tetiba by the time I siap. I and Abg jek pegi. Ok la wakil Mak Ayah. Kak Ura lak she wanted to go but we went back to our house so mcm malas la nk anta Kak Ura balik. Hehehheh

Sampai Wisma Sejarah around 1130pm. Pak Guard said the function only abes at 12midnight. The Pelamin Maker advised us to go home. Have some rest since they will take several hours. So went home. Ikut la Keramat-Setiawangsa-Wangsa Maju, boleh x depan Jusco Wangsa Maju leh Jammed memalam buta. Hangen. Smapi umah pn dekat 1.

Prepare the bajus and such. Tido kul 3ish am. Huhhuhuuh sangat penat. Migraine pn dh nk datang dh…Abg lak dok prepare slide for the kenduri nanti. Nak wat smapi 2. Last last dia yg tido dulu.

ps: Kenduri kawen sangat memenatkan. But sumer pn Happy!. Congratulation Kak Ura & Uncle (What to call him? Abg Faizul? Hhahahah goli den! – tp he is nice men. )


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