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.: Splendid Cafe :. April 30, 2008

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Mama called me last Monday she wanted buy some groceries at Carrefour Wangsa Maju. Abg lak ada exam that Monday 2 papers. I hope he did his best although I know he can’t do the Software Engineering paper. Insya Allah everything should be ok.

So malam tuh we all pegi la Carrefour WM. Every month pun beli barang kat sinih. Mama nak belanje I and Abg. So we all tried la Splendid Café. Baru tak baru gak la dia bukak. The interior design, the furniture, the menu, the concept and the everything like Secret Recipe. We thought it would be cheaper then SC.

Waiter Bangla nih take our order. Dah la English tak paham, malay tak paham. Tak kan I nk ckp bahasa dia lak. Then I soh dia panggel org lain. He called this Chinese lady. OK la. So we ordered Fried Calamari (for starter), BBQ Spring Chicken, Lamb Stew, Blackforest Cake and 3 warm waters.

I dh imagined fried calamari tuh mcm kat Kunang-Kunang tp sgt hampa ok. Dia kasik 6 pieces only calamari tuh for RM8.90. Sgt mahal. Bengong. Kt Kunang-Kunang sebakul dia kasik cheaper then than. Mama lak ngan selamba nye kata “Kt capetown kan( she did mentioned the name of the restaurant) I boat only cost u a few rand(boat tuh kira byk la/bakul dia bentuk boat and rand tuh duit sana)” huhuhu

Okla we all lek lek kool lagik kan. Then sampai mama nye Spring Chicken kan , alahai cenonet nye. Seriously you all kecik nak mampuss…but I lupa la kan nk amek gambar kan. Besar burung puyuh jek I rasa. Rasa pn xbest. Then sampai I nye lamb stew,gravy mcm xsedap la. Memang pn cannot beat lamb stew SC la.

Abg lak xnk mkn, dia nk mkn Cake jek. To me cake dia pn gagal la. Yang pasti Splendid Café nih first and the last la I datang.heheheh. Tiru konsep SC tp lagik mahal and xsedap. I xrekemen korg gik sana lak. (tetiba jadik food review lak hahhaa).

Dia charged warm water RM1 each glass. We ordered warm water tp dlm bill iced water. Gile x? Seringgit air suam. Kunang-kunang free ok.


ps: Terkasik promotion free lak kt Kunang-kunang.

ps2: Atol and her housemate pn pegi gak. Dia pn kata mahal and xbest. Bukan I sorg ye.


5 Responses to “.: Splendid Cafe :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    RM1 utk segelas air kosong…besar mane laa agaknya gelas tu yek..

  2. Nora Says:

    Agak kurang ‘hajar’ restoren ni punye charges..

  3. maylyn Says:

    asyida -> ala gelas biasa jek lagipn besar mana pn xkan la seringgit kan

    nora -> heheheh tu la psl..sbb tuh la aku rasa xde org mkn situ

  4. Elyn Says:

    time kasih bg tau…. sok2 kalo i jumpe cafe nih mmg i X AKAN masuk hheheeehh……..

  5. TheAgent Says:

    Well I use to work there(SplendidCafe) as a restaurant manager,and I cant even stand the way they run the place. Thier food…I would never invite my girldfriend/family nor friends to have food there as too many reson and too many things I saw them doing. But as you can see,the price,it’s much more higher than SR,SR cake is cheaper and much more nicer still they (SplendidCafe) says wanna beat SR..when the owner says I was like..yah right…
    Well anyway I dnt wanna wast my time talking about this rubbish.if u have the chance to try it,plz come back here to shout out ya comment! WE ALL WANNA KNOW!

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