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.: Last Day :. May 5, 2008

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OMG!!! i never thot i would cry on my last day. I did. Badly. I had bad headache this morning together with the period pain(which broke my heart). I acted like nothing to happen end of the day. i did last checking, cleaning, uninstalling the notebook. Most of my stuff abg has burned to dvd already. I miss the notebook already even i havent returned it to office yet.

Mariam and Ina didnt talked to me all day. Either of me. I dont know why. I’ve been working there for 2.5 years. So of course Ina is the closest with me. I dont know how to react just now. I was so stupid by saying “Bye Sumer”. What the hell is that? Bye Sumer? Huh… i made a promise to myself for not crying on the day. I broke the promise. Screwed me.

Well crying is not a big deal. Yeah…but sometimes you just dont need to cry. That’s how it should goes. I think. Mariam whose cried first. Then there was me crying like little girl lost her parent. I am glad she’s crying. I am glad i was too. I miss them already.

To Ina, Mariam, Atol, Fadh, Wani, Max :

You are the best team mate ever. Hehehe. We working really hard for the project and yet its my turn to go. Sorry guys. I hope everything is going ok. Kem Salam to JKKP people okeh..Thanks for everything, the laughter, the ups and downs, the gossips we shared and the tears. These are the experience i couldnt get anywhwere. The journey of the project still long way, may Allah bless all of you and the project.

To Anne, Syud :
Nice knowing both of you. Im sorry there’s no any handover given by me. Hahhaa i think you can managed. Insya Allah.

To KakMas :
Sorry eh for all the bad things eh. No hard feelings ok.

To En Izat :
I know i made a right decision. I have to since the management didnt improvement the managing the company. Like you said earlier “If you dont like the company, Leave the company”. I did. I dissapointed with the company. I feel cheated(altho i was cheated by the company).

To All Ex Matrixian,
heheheh korg, i made it. The new chapter has begun…

Finally, all the best for all of you. Till we meet again. Assalamulaikum.

Kalau Ada Sumur Di Ladang
Boleh Kita Menumpang Mandi
Kalau Ada Umur Yang Panjang
Boleh kita Berjupe lagi

ps: Atol , lots of things we shared together. You always first to know. Nice knowing you. Nanti kita gik kedai Amy Search k. (I minat ok Amy Search – mmg KG seket la minat dia :D)

ps2: hahaha sgt poyo dengan kehadiran pantun tuh.


2 Responses to “.: Last Day :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    POYOOOO ah ade pantun!
    weh!…dgn sape aku nak sembang pasni??? uhuk..

  2. Skinny Legs Says:

    huhuhuu…she left…huhuhuhu…
    neway, kak lyn it was very nice to know you…all the times we shared…mmg ingat lh sampai bile2…all the stories…all the laughs…all the sarcastic lines…hahaha…seriously…things wont be the same now without u…huhuhuh…ok…tears dripping down now…(*gimik*) heeee…
    alaaa…kak lyn haruske pergi????

    neway do keep blogging ye…

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