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.: Why the blog is not updated :. May 21, 2008

Filed under: Me,Work — msmaylyn @ 8:38 pm

Hola guys!!! its been awhile. There’s alot to catch up at the new office. I must say not everyone is welcoming me.

Tp i seronok ok. Dah la dekat ngan shopping mall kan. Heaven ok! I not given laptop because my job requirement doesnt need Work From Home. Dapat la desktop yg xberapa nk canggih. But i am happy. Sebab tuh i xleh nk update blog. I even doesnt have time to read newspaper nowdays. But the earliest i left the office is at 730pm. Banyak keje ok. Today pn xsempat nk lunch sbb nk catch up with the meetings and so on.

Pantry paling best ok. Ada Nestle machine situh, korg minum la smpi lebam. hahhahahha memcm air ada ok, ofcos la nestle nye air. Name it la….nant i amik gmbr. Starting nxtweek my shift starts. Hopefully turned out ok.

Suppose nk mengupdate on last weekend, tp connection kt rumah lak wat hal…biasa la kan klu kol jek ada problem kt port. xabes abes ngan port dia.

ps: Korg…nnt i update lagik!!!


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