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.: A word a day in Spanish :. May 22, 2008

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Me : Hola Victor, iam going home
Me : šŸ™‚
Victor : Ohhhh noooo
Victor : šŸ˜¦
Me : Err y? I think i can continue my tickets tomorow…
Victor : Nothing… šŸ™‚
Victor : Ok see you then
Victor : Have a nice evening
Me : Ok hah…btw hw to say gud evening in spanish
Victor : Hahaha
Victor : buenas tardes
victor : buenas noche if it is late
Me : hah…buenas tardes then…c ya!
Me : Selamat Petang hahahhah
Victor : Err what!
Me : buenas tardes in Malay..
Victor : Selamat Petang!

huhuhuhu…terasa kebangangan…keje xabes pn lagik but i nk blk..The reason to blk awal because… i wanted to jln jln at OU.. Tooth paste dh melukut ditepi gantang…but 1 OU i carik the answer still the same “No stock!” / “Takde Stok la kak” / “Xde!”. Huhuhuhu mengapakah! Adakah Oral B suda tidak menjalankan business lagi???

ps : Tomorow me and abg might hang out with aida and ajip… but dunno to… korg any suggestions???
ps : Bile la nk June nih!!!


One Response to “.: A word a day in Spanish :.”

  1. Annaster Says:

    Nak ikut!!!
    Sob Sob….=(

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