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.: The difference between RM25’s doctor and RM13’s doctor :> May 27, 2008

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This month, my medication cost us(me and abg) more than 1k. But that was not i regretted for. I’m blessed for the treatment. At least, there’s a treatment for me. Alhamdullilah. I was supposed to have my daily injection every night for 9 nights some weeks before. Abd insisted to find a clinic that expert on my treatment. So we found this “Pusat Pakar Wanita Ang” at Wangsa Maju.

The place looks like run down. But the service is excellent! Excellento! The nurses were nice to us. Even the doctor was really nice. He gave us informations, tips do’s and dont’s. We only go there for the injection. I have my medication already just need the injection. He really nice. Thank god we found him. But actually it quite costly for only the injection, RM25.

That was before, one night PPWA was full house. A lots of patient that night. As for me, i need to have my injection at 930pm. So i told Abg, maybe tonight we can go to another clinic. Then we left without telling the receiption that we’re leaving. We went to the nearby clinic. No one there. But we still need to wait for the doctor. We cant leave the clinic since the letter from my doctor was with them. Huh!!! Screwed us. We should’nt been there in the first place.

The doctor called me. She said “Hah. Baringla”. I was like ok…why she’s like that. I layed down then she told me to turn as i wanted the injection at my hip. She pull my jeans and needled me with the injection. God!!! The pain was hell ok!. She even didnt pull the curtain to cover the bed area(bed ke?). I can see people at the counter. huh bangang ok this doctor.

Then, she said “Hah…dah la”. We left the room. Abg said the doctor was mean! hahahha bengkak ok injection area. With Dr Ang i never experience that pain. He so gentle. I would recommend Dr Ang to others. Seriously. He is so nice.

Please avoid this Klinik Ampang / Dr Hasni at Wangsa Maju. She so mean and rude.

I have learnt my lesson, why the we pay more for services : because we pay the professionalism and the expertise.

ps: Korg…exspecially choosing clinic, be wise ok. If not you will regret later. Money would be no issue.


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