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.: Al Fatihah :. June 20, 2008

Filed under: Family,Friends,Me — msmaylyn @ 9:52 am

Krail’s sister Rose Alita passed away yesterday at 8ish am. Kak Watie (my biras) called me to inform. Abg went to work already. So I got ready to go to Krail’s house. And guessed what? The car door cannot be opened. HANGEN GILER! The full report in next entry ok!

Then, at night we went to the Tahlil, but in half an hour reached there, mama called saying Paklong passed away. Ya Allah. We made our move to fetch mama and headed to Kajang. Reached Kajang at 11, waited for jenazah, and Tahlil for Paklong, we went back at 1.

May Allah bless them. Insya Allah.

Al Fatihah.

Ps: What happen is fated, who are we to judge?


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