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.: The Cable have been stolen :. June 20, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Friends — msmaylyn @ 10:14 am

I told Timi about the phone connection and then she made some calling. She does some checking and also informing the Technical Team. And not even 1 hour, her friend Hasnah called me to verify the issue.

She told that the phone cable has been stolen from Level 2 to Level 6 and affected the whole building. TM only support from main control house to the main control of the building. For each floor, that is the maintenance responsibility. Waduh!!!!

Mangkok ok the pencuri, we cannot use our streamyx because of that. I need internet 24×7. Hahahaha.

Later, after work I need to check with the maintenance. It had been 4days.
When too much happen in a day, you just need a break (shopping! ^,^ )

Ps: I am really tired.


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