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.: Newbies on the shelf :. July 15, 2008

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Since our cable still havent replaced, we went to jusco wmaju to surf last saturday. Abg need to finish his work so he need the connection. While he doing his work, i went to mph to buy a book. But i ended with 4books. Hahaha. Mph is having a 15% discount on certain books. That was the reason. *;* . I have finished a book titled Princess by Jean Sasson. The book is about how arab mistreated their women. You will shock with all the details. How they spending, sin, sex, scandal and etc. Worth to read i must say.

Ps: Still blogging with my mobile.


2 Responses to “.: Newbies on the shelf :.”

  1. anneweeza Says:

    best tak cite ‘girl of ry…’ tu..
    n ade gak belek2 kat mph aritu… but at last i bought ‘p.s i love u’…hee…ala tau dah k.lyn dah lame memiliki’t kan…im i late..?? huhu…

  2. maylyn Says:

    anne > girl of riyadh xbaca lagik… currently reading She's come undone..okeh gak… try to baca biography la…PS iloveu dh baca dh..huhuhu kamu lmbt gak la

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