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.: things victor gave to me :. July 24, 2008

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Yesterday he came to my wrkplc and handed me the notebook. I was like the hell is this. Then he said i think you probably need this. In case you want to jot(he doesnt know what jot was but he learned it from me) anything. Ya Allah! I was totally forgot the fact he is leaving. Tomorow! I just say thanks victor.nice of you. Ok guys my mentor is leaving of course i am freak out. I wished he can stay a bit longer so that we can have enough time to clear something. Later in the evening, he gave me the cup holder for hot drinks. I am using it now. Should i buy something for him? What should i buy? Huh.

Ps: desparately need a thinkpad la bos!

Ps2: currently reading She’s come undone by Wally Lamb.


One Response to “.: things victor gave to me :.”

  1. afadh^^ER Says:

    suke laa cup holder tu..mane nak carik eh??

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