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.: I’ve bought these :. August 10, 2008

Filed under: Abnormal Me,Hubby — msmaylyn @ 5:21 pm
I have bought there jibbitz a few weeks ago. Two for me and two for abang. Even though our crocs were worn out and considered old but I wanted the jibbitz long time ago.(*;*)

Actually agak pembaziran la jibbitz ni. Hehehe. Ada memacam dia jual. I tunggu superman nih lama giler ok…asek abes or xde. Rainbow tuh favourite I. Cute jek dia kat selipar tuh. Ada skali jenjalan kt Alpha Angle, bole x dia tercicir. Sib baik i pasan. If not wasted my money jek!!!

Agak xpractical pn benda nih, tp suke2 okla or nk jeleskan anak sedara. (*-*)

Ps: Crocs best ok! Very light but hahaha kekdg panas gak..


5 Responses to “.: I’ve bought these :.”

  1. afadh^^ER Says:

    Hee..Sgt comey..Suke nyer…

  2. Asyida Says:

    ko asal suke beli kasut kiut miut eh?

  3. maylyn Says:

    afadh^^er -> hehehe sila beli ok!

    asyida -> kata i nih pn kiut kan???(*,*)

  4. anneweeza Says:

    alaa tomey nyer….
    saye pon suker… 🙂
    nak carik gak lah..heee..

  5. maylyn Says:

    anneweeza -> hehhee sila sila…byk gile skrg jibbitz cantek cantek

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