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.: Tuition or not :. August 12, 2008

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Currently I’m listening to Fly FM so this morning they talked about sending your children to tuition. This lady called saying that she’s paying RM3000 per month for her children’s tuition. The fee including piano lesson, swimming class, ballet class etc. Goshh! RM3k. Now day’s parent depends on tuition for their children’s education sake. My cousin also spending a lot to send her children to tuition. Since she said Nana (her daughter) can’t catch up what is teacher teaching.

But I did go to tuition last time. Form 4 and 5 for my SPM, I didn’t excel my SPM though. Later, when I was in college, I have failed my math for first semester. So mama worried about it, I did freak out. I am never good in math. Taking two maths in second semester worsens my result. Didi (cousin of mine) were in form 4,( I was 18 that time) went to private tuition at Kampung Melayu Ampang. Mama asked Didi to ask Cikgu Saiful whether he can include me in the class or not. That time only didi and her fren in same period.

Cikgu Saiful said ok! I went to private tuition for the whole smester. From E I got B+. Well not bad right. Memang la x A but terrorist la tuh. After that my fren, Diana failed her math (yeke?) then she joined my class. But we(didi and I) split into two different classes. Diana and I take class during weekends. We really enjoyed the class. Owh…I forgot to mention cikgu saiful is/was divorcee. But we budget dia ada girlfren masa tuh…Sending us back. Fetching us to class. He is really a good teacher. Belanje us cendol. Jenjalan at Ampang point. Tapi I pass ok. So did Diana. I really thanked him. Lucky I only need to take 3 maths, if not sian mama kena byr tuition fee lagi.

So conclusion (hahhaa poyo giler!!! Siap ada conclusion lagik), I think tuition is important especially our children can’t catch up during their classes or maybe we also can’t help them. It’s depends with the situation gak. Kasturi2 nih xberkesan ok. I have been there so cut it out. Children out there, you only go there to have fun but not belajar (from true story). Only private tutor is effective, tp itu la not everyone effort to pay the fee right?

Guys, what do you think?

Ps: ecece dh ckp psl education anak2 lak hehehe


3 Responses to “.: Tuition or not :.”

  1. afadh^^ER Says:

    Skang ni, majoriti bebdk p tuition.. Ni maksudnye,sistem pendidikan kite x cukup bagus lg la kn.. Cikgu plak ajar acuh x acuh jer sbb die tau student die akan p tuition.

    Sy x pernah merasa p tuition..Best ker??x penat ke, dah laa kena skolah smp ptg..mlm nk p tuition lagik..hehe

  2. maylyn Says:

    afadher -> hah tula psl…cikgu2 pn wat duit lebey ngan soh murid2 amek tuition gak dia…

    tuition best gak la..klu ada bfren lagik la hancusss..i rasa anak i sure tertekan sbb i dh tahu sumer lame xcuses (hehehe i la tuh)

  3. Asyida Says:

    yup, i did go to tuition as well, even when i was just standard 6!! but it was worth it, excell dowh upsr aku, stret A’s! then my mum spend quite a lot to panggil tutor datang to tutor me n brother at home for spm xm.ihik. cume time degree jek takde dah nak amik tiution…ngeee…tu kena sndiri lah dowh..haha.

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