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.: 3R :. August 14, 2008

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Every where we go, we will see “Save the Earth”, “Reuse”, “Save the energy” blablabla. But do we Malaysians do our part? Hrmmm let me recap, we Malaysian just started I think this year. Why we are so far behind? Now at hypermarkets or supermarkets they encourage us to use our own environment bag or buy from them so that every time we go shopping we just bring the bag and use to carry our purchases.

My Wan (Grandma, Ayah’s mummy) been reuse, recycle ages ago. She had been brought up a different way. Her parent was (erk…banjar+sarawakian+euroasian), she and her sibling well educated in English manner. Even gardenia plastic wrapper she will reuse.

As for me, honestly I WAS couldn’t be bothered to recycle or reuse. But now, I have changed. I have changed to be a better man. Getting older (mature) makes me more wise…(ewahh) I have learned how each of us needs to play a part to save the mother earth not only the government. Even though the part might be small but if added with other doing the same thing, would it be great?

I have started my part. How are about you? These are what currently I’m doing:
1) Minimize plastic bag usage
2) Using environment bag when shopping
3) Turned off lights, fans, (electricity appliances) when ever we are not using it. (Last time my habit was didn’t turned off lights because I am afraid of dark, but now I started to over come the feelings)
4) Used single paper cup when taking hot water at office
5) Err let me think first

See…my contributions are not that much. But I can see changes in the electricity bill… (* ;*) and of course I use recycle paper. I am thinking to buy paper shredder machine, smaller one. So that I can shred the entire confidential letter then send to recycle center. We will see how my budget goes this coming month…

ps : Matrix also reuse/recycle by using used envelope to give the staffs’ salary. Sometime official document to hand to client they use recycle paper (which was I not agreed).


2 Responses to “.: 3R :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    Aku beria save electricity pun tak guna dowh kalau “orang” tu buat umah aku macam umah sendiri…huh!

  2. maylyn Says:

    asyida -> huhuhu tp xpe kini dia tiada…(nyanyi mcm lagu sarimah tuh) aku pn cuba sedaya upaya tuk berjimat….

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