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.: M.a.y.L.y.n :. August 20, 2008

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Why Maylyn? I have been tagged by Asyida, why I use Maylyn? Not Alyn or my lame name. Well to be honest I hated my name. Fadzlina was combination of ayah and my step mother. So what do you aspect? Mama wanted Fadzlyana, to honor her grandma’s name Aliah. But what past is past. I wished my name were something artistic or unique. Maybe hrmmm errr ok! I admit that I do not have any preferred name. I just wished my name different.

My family called me either Alyn or Anum. My friends called me Alyn. But here in the new office (even it’s been three months, it still new for me) they called me either Fadzlina or Fadzli. Damn! Fadzli what the heck!

Ok ok ok why Maylyn? My cousin gave birth to her son in 1995; I was 14 at that time. She was the eldest cousin and second in our family to get married. She was 30 that time. None related information I guessed.hihihi. Her son, Adam was 1 or 2 years old, he so talkative. Only god knows. He called all his aunts starting with Ma. So supposed I was Malyn. But he just can’t pronounce Malyn. He keeps saying Maylyn. During school holidays I was baby-sit him. His parent pays good money. (*,*) Futhermore he said my eyes were so small. Gilek as if his not small.

Then as times goes by the entire cousin producing heir, and they followed Adam by calling me Maylyn. I like it very much. I love it. It’s really me. The name suits me well. Do you think so? The name is so energetic, young, and fresh. Fresh? Hahhaha

Well thanks to Adam who gave me the name. So that was how I got the name, Maylyn.

Ps: Syu, done!!!
Ps2: Lina, you just asking me about the name…huhuhu


3 Responses to “.: M.a.y.L.y.n :.”

  1. Asyida Says:

    Aku suke orang nama hanum
    ok what fadzlina hanum?

  2. Put Dianas Says:

    ok la kaklin dpt name comey jer adam bg huhuhu… d dpt xbest jer si ayon bg ‘Mak DD’… elok2 ma DD huh… ade jer bdk2 ni nk tukar name kite kan hhehehehe…tp nasib baik da bsr dorg bole pgl ma dd maybe sbb ayon kurang pengaruh dr adam kot hahahahha ;P

  3. miszrLina Says:

    nice nick by lil Adam’s gave to u..
    haha..”adam” ke?
    esok keje ke? huaaaaa…malassssss

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