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.: aduyai :. September 6, 2008

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Now is 6.53am. I havent slept all nite. Aduyai. Please! Nk tido ok kapla dh ting tong. Last nite we played uno cards smpi 2am. Anta nizam, smpi kepong dh 240am. Evry1 takut parents msg2 bising. Yup including yg dh kawen. Sdgkn the parents sure xkesah (kot). Been rolling at bed since after subuh.:-S

Ps: mcm nk demam blk tp jgn hrp la team i nk caya.


2 Responses to “.: aduyai :.”

  1. miszrLina Says:

    ler…awat x on9..
    i pon xleh tdo…
    pas subuh goleks2 baru tdo..huhu

  2. maylyn Says:

    miszrlina -> huhuhu kt umah my parents in law…blog pakai HP jek.

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