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.: UNO :. September 11, 2008

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Hehehe…still about UNO. Tadik after buke, siap – siap terus headed to Jusco WMaju. Actually, abg wanted to buy Ayah’s bday present. Quick shopping. We (hehehe abg) bought ayah jacket in black. Hensem bapa mentuaku! Since I have rm10 jusco voucher, we spent it for UNO. Mahal sehh UNO skrg nih RM19.90. I igt kan Popular la mahal, nih jusco lagik mahal. Tp ada 10% discount. Minus with the voucher. Kira nye we bought the UNO only rm10. Ok la kan. Nk murah ape lagik…

Nih abg bz baca manual UNO. hrmmm adek beradek itu ada salah sket in rules ari tuh. hehhehe xpe nnt kita meet up kita betul kan. Tak sabar nk main tp apela kejadah nye nk main 2org.

Yesterday, we went berbuke at Thai Express (or Express Thai) at The Curve. The food so so. The service bengong gile. That was our first and the last we will go there. Oh ya! Nizam was there too. Pencarian UNO since yesterday. Tp xjupe.

Next week, insya allah aida n ajip would be joining us for the late supper. Venue most probably Boraque Cafe again. Dunno la. Nk breakfast togather susah due everyone are so tight up with own schedule. Huh bagaimankah??? we’ll see how it goes…(“,)

ps: ke korg mmg nk jatuh kan I, atan and nizam? haahhahahahh

ps2: selamat berpuasa sumer!!!

2 Responses to “.: UNO :.”

  1. Annaster Says:

    mana ada seh.. x de niat la puasa2 nie nak jatuhkn korang..
    bout the rules, adik more familiar with the rules..
    i follow jer..
    ok pe lepak kat situ sambil main UNO..
    so, how was the plan??

  2. ella Says:

    ape kate kite ramai2 main uno time lunch to kill the time?? hahaha!!

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